Installation Of Sockets & Switches

As a professional electrical service company, we will install the sockets wherever you need, in a convenient and peaceful way.

Installation Of Outlets & Dimmers

We will install a dimmer switch for you to have better control over turning the lights on and off.

Lighting Repairs & Installation

Good lighting is the key! You won’t need the peak sun hours to have a beautiful interior anymore. Just update the light fixtures of your house.


This service is included but not always necessary as often your existing electrical system can be renewed and become useful.

Service Panel Upgrades

Electrical panel is for regulating the electricity in your house. Sometimes when it gets old, it cannot keep up with your electrical demand anymore.

Whole House Surge Protection

A whole house electrical surge protector protects your in-house pieces of equipment from different electrical issues, e.g. voltage spikes.

Smoke Detectors

These appliances help to detect smoke inside a building, by saving the lives of your family members, workers, and anyone inside.

Back-Up Power Supply / Generators

For your own safety and peace installing backup power in your house is a must. Our crew will perfectly install a green energy source for you.

Carbon Monoxide Protectors

The chances are always high when it comes to carbon monoxide (CO) pollution, but no worries are needed as these protectors do their job.

Ceiling Fans

Fill in your interior with ceiling fans, at the same keeping the environment cool when the heats take over the city, and economizing money.

Code Compliance & Corrections

Your secure and safe conditions are our priority! Electrical issues can arise from various drawbacks, but it’s not the case with us.

Electric Heat

Installation of a heat pump will serve you electric to heat energy. You’ll benefit in different industrial and domestic aspects, such as hot water, cooking, etc.

Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI)

To avoid electrical fire caused by high power discharge, you need arc fault circuit interrupters in the territory. Remember, your safety is important!

GFCI Receptacles

Nearly the same as an electrical socket, a GFCI receptacle is needed. But make sure to do your research carefully and choose the one convenient for you.

Hot Tub Wiring

In case of any electrical service requests, or hot tube needs, feel free to call our professionals to solve the problem for you safely and quickly.

Landscape & Security Lighting

Landscape and security lighting are essential for your household, to help you get rid of any serious problems, such as home invasion and falling injuries.


Electrical issues are the ones we like to detect and solve! Our team will troubleshoot and repair anything in your housing or workspace.

Electrical vehicle charging station

We provide fast and safe electrical vehicle charging service in our stations. This will work well for hybrids, buses, trucks and other electrical transportations).

Solar panels

If you’re looking for renewable energy companies in Los Angeles, then this is it. Starting from solar panel consultation and ending with solar module installation is in our hands.