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We provide both high voltage and low voltage electrical services.


All types of electrical installations are available for your residents, such as electrical panels, installations and repair, troubleshooting, lighting, circuit breakers and more.


We will meet all of your commercial requirements, including interior and exterior lighting, panels, safety control, installation and repairs. Everything you need for your hotels, restaurants, shops, etc.


We will implement a safe electrical system for any industrial institution, greenhouses, and so on. Moreover, we are here to fix any issues you might ever come across while working on these.

Our Latest Projects

Our professional staff works hard to provide the best electrical appliances and satisfy each and every customer.

Solar Panel Installation
Solar Panel Installation

4 KW/h Solar On-Grid System.

Commercial flooring installation
Commercial flooring installation
 Decorative lightings installation
Decorative lightings installation

 Electrical installations underground
Electrical installations underground


What our customers are saying about their experience with us.

Cristel Miles

"Ever since I found out about this company, my life became A LOT easier! At first, we had a detailed consultation after which they handled all kinds of electrical installations in my new company. I am really impressed!

Now they helped me the second time in my house, I had some issues but didn’t know where they came from. Hilo team quickly managed all the work. Thank you."

Cristel Miles Residential Building Manager

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